Gluten Free Gel Eyeliner Tutorial Using Red Apple Eyeshadow and Rallye Balm

Since we all LOVE eyeliner over here at Red Apple Lipstick…but currently don’t produce any “traditional” pencils…we’ve tried multiple ways to get an eyeliner effect with our own eyeshadows.  This technique was developed by one of our awesome customers, Ashley Teague.  She’s a genius, and has developed the most awesome technique for creating a gel eyeliner, thanks Ashley!

This technique, using our Rallye Balm and Black Magic pressed mineral eyeshadow, creates an amazingly creamy “gel” eyeliner that glides on smooth and stays in place!

The benefits of a gel liner vs. a pencil or liquid:

  • glides on smooth – so no tugging of eyelid skin
  • easily smudgeable for a smokey look
  • creates a smooth straight line
  • dries quicker than liquid
  • resists sweat and wear-off better than both liquid and pencil
  • ability to make the line as bold or as subtle as you choose

[style_box color=”#b524b5″ title=”The ultimate benefits of using this technique with Rallye Balm”]

  • MOISTURIZES your eyelids as you wear it!
  • Create UNLIMITED eyeliner colors (using whatever Red Apple eyeshadows or blends of shadows you choose)!



This is incredible, considering that women put eye cream on as often as twice a day to keep their lids supple and wrinkle free.  By using Rallye Balm and your favorite Red Apple eyeshadow as a gel liner, you are moisturizing your lids (especially the most sensitive part) ALL day long.  That’s huge girls!

[style_box color=”#0b9694″ title=”Here’s How To Do It”]

Step 1: Swipe a healthy amount of Rallye Balm on the back of your hand

Step 2: Take your brush (stiff angled eyeliner or thin paint brush) – and use it to load up the eyeshadow of your choice on the brush

Step 3: Brush that eyeshadow directly on top of the Rallye Balm on your hand, it will create a creamy mixture

Step 4: Take that same brush that now has your “gel liner” on it and apply directly to your lash line

[box type=”note_box” color=”btn_green”]** For the perfect application: start in the center of your lash line and smooth outward.  Then move to the inside corner of your eye and smooth toward the center to connect the line **[/box]

We’ve played around with multiple eyeshadows to create some really fun eyeliner colors.  The great part is: you can test them out on your hand prior to putting them on your lid to create just the right combo.

[style_box color=”#1da5e0″ title=”Try This Technique With:”]


You probably already have a Rallye Balm, a Red Apple eyeshadow, and a paint brush or liner brush at home.  Just grab them and try them out on your hand – you’ll be amazed at how creamy this eyeliner is!

Now, go play and tell us your favorite eyeshadow to use as a gel liner!


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