Gluten Free Dining Cards

I found this item and thought it was an ingenious idea!  You know how difficult it can be when dining out to explain to your server that you have Celiac disease and you cannot eat certain things.  You have to ask what the ingredients are for each menu item.  You have to ask how food is prepared.  It’s enough to make some people want to give up on eating out with friends and family and just stay home.  Well, although there is no place like home, life was meant for living and having adventures.  No one should have to give up the activities they love.

What if you could have a card that explained everything you need to server know?  All you would have to do is hand it to them.  There in black and white are the instructions they need to have.  The server could take the card to the kitchen for the chef to look at to determine which entrees are gluten-free.  That would make the whole dining out experience so much easier.  You could relax and enjoy your evening.

There are even dining cards available in foreign languages for you to take when you travel.  How perfect is that?

These cards are available at several different online locations.  I found some here at, and there are available to download FREE!

Hope this bit of information helps you enjoy eating out.


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