Embrace a Bold Lip

You heard it here first. Your pout is ready to break into one of the most dramatic and feminine beauty statements of the year, the bold lip. You wouldn’t believe the transformative effect that adding a shade of color to your lips has.

We’re urging you, ditch the nudes. Throw them out the window; exile them to the bottom of your makeup bag, whatever you see fit. Just bring fresh and vibrant color into your life!

A bold lip has the power to add so much life to your face. The best part? Bold pigments wear especially well when they’re paired with minimal makeup … Cha-ching! Keep your makeup routine simple. A vibrant lip makes a fresh and sexy statement when balanced with a super-sweet blush and a barely-there eye. Minimalism is the key.

From high-gloss to matte finishes and deep burgundy to poppy red, there is a must-try stain for every woman and more importantly, every skin tone.

Pale Skin

For those of you of the pale variety like myself – I’m a “daily moisturizer with an SPF of 30” type of girl – vibrant bolds with sapphire undertones are especially flattering. The porcelain-like skin has cool undertones that call for colors with that same blue tint. Fresh and vibrant pinks and reds (Reddy or Not), or even a deep plum will all bring your look to life. Seeking out a bit more audacious hue for your pout? Vie for a warmer shade of red (Rebel!) and you’ll find yourself making a pretty statement. Because warm tones are a bit less harmonious with this skin tone, they make for a daring combination.

Be sure to deviate from any copper or bronze-tinted shades, these tend to dull the already soft complexion.

red-apple-lipstickMedium Skin

I love vibrant corals (Sunkissed) and warm reds with a magenta tint as a compliment to bronzed skin. The yellow undertones of a medium skin harmoniously pair with warm, slightly orange-red pouts. Looking to pack a serious punch? Saturate your lips with a brown-based purple or fuchsia.

Tan/Olive Skin

There’s no universal law as to what hue is right or wrong for your pout. But a burnt or brick red (Strawberry Lips) never fails a deep tan. The versatile look of a burnt red lip is transformed season to season depending on your glow.  In the winter, pigment-rich shades like these provide contrast to a fading skin tone. In the summer months, deep reds enhance the glow of a warm tan.

Dark skin

Super-rich wines (Plum Sexy) and bold bordeaux are a sensual accent to deep skin tones year-round. Deep colors like a rich crimson shade with a red undertone wake up a dark complexion and transition exceptionally well from day to night. If you’re looking to go red, the vibrancy of a poppy-stained lip is your go-to.

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