DIY Bronzer & Blush With Red Apple Lipstick



Petal Pusher Makes for a Perfect Blush for your cheeks!

One of the best aspects of Red Apple Lipstick is its natural formula—which is exactly why it’s the perfect brand to experiment with! For example, try Rallye Balm as eyeshadow primer. (Really, it works better than my $24 tube of dedicated primer from the department store—won’t be buying that anymore!) And not only that, did you know that you already have some blush in your makeup bag … even if you don’t actually own any? Yep, some days, you may be in such a rush that you forget your rouge, or perhaps you don’t own any and you’re looking to experiment, or maybe you ran out. Well, fear not ladies, because we have two easy ways for you to creatively improvise. We like to call it thinking outside of the box—or, in this case—compact. Achieve sweet cheeks that will only look like they’ve been brushed with blush. Here’s how:

Method 1: Use Your Lipstick as Blush

This method is like using a cream blush, but without the added compact or chemicals! Red Apple Lipstick’s creamy and safe formula will feel good on and keep you guilt-free all day!

Start with the right color that suits your preferences—you can keep it natural or a little dramatic. Grab Rebel for that retro pin-up vibe. Play with Petal Pusher, for a soft, girly look, or try Beach Peach or Foxy for a little coral and hint of bronzed shimmer. Be sure to wash your hands, as you will be using your finger tips as your tools for this trick.

Next, sweep your chosen color onto your pointer finger. Two to four sweeps will be just right, depending on the intensity you desire. Be careful not to use too much, or it could get a little messy.

Dot about three spots onto the top of your cheekbones in a little triangle shape—more as needed.

Now, clean your fingers in preparation for the last step. Simply blend the lipstick in strokes away from your face—from cheekbones toward the tip of your ears until all lines are smudged out. There you have it!

As an added bonus, your cheeks are sure to feel moisturized and soft all day long. You can easily remove at the end of the day with your regular makeup remover.

Method 2: Use Your Eyeshadow as Blush

Believe it. Eyeshadow and blush are made of similar components, and can achieve similar effects. Love that pink eyeshadow color but never get around to using it? Voila—repurpose it as blush for your next outing! Here’s how:

This works much the same way as you saw above. But, you can use a blush brush instead of your finger to minimize the mess. Blend in your favorite natural tone of Red Apple Lipstick mineral eyeshadow, such as the va-va-voom Vamp or sweet Down to Earth color into your cheekbones until you achieve the desired effect. This method is great for when you are looking to try that pop of color somewhere else. Plus, eyeshadow will go on a little more sheer than will lipstick, so it’s perfect for first-timers. Me personally, I used to swear by my bronzer until I discovered Lucky Penny – the subtle sparkles are a prerequisite for my bronzer choice, so what could be better?

Blend your way to a blissful new face for Spring! Our colors range from light and airy to sultry and glam, and they’d all look great on you with a little experimenting (OK, with the exception of Graphite Glam and Blue Jay)! That’s it, girls. Be sure to share your pictures and comments below! Until next time, Red Apple ladies!

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