1. Naomi says

    Race Car!, Rudolph!, Ribbon!, Ribbon Candy!, Red Ribbon!, Revved Up!, Silk Ribbon!
    Not sure if this one has the R! rule or not: Santa Baby, Stocking, Mrs. Clause, Santa’s Kiss, Kiss Miss, Christmas Kisses, Love, True Love. Love Me, Festive

  2. Chris says

    Ember, Amber Ember, Warm Ember, Ember Warm, Red Firelight, Firelight Red, Firelight, Crackling Ember, Flame, Fire Flame, Flameboyant, Flamboyant, Flash, Flare, Ribbon, Wrapped In Ribbon, I’m Reddy!, Popping Ember, Ruby!, Garnet, Ready for Fun, Ready to Party, Ready for a Party, Time to Party, Partytime, Party Time, Cocktail Kiss, Satin Smile

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