Day 4 – Christmas Collection Naming Contest

Day 4 of the Christmas Collection naming contest! We are excited to see what you would like for this color to be named!



  1. says

    MINE. You will call this ALL MINE or JUST FOR ANDI.

    Or if you want something more serious, Persimmon Pucker Power or just Persimmon Pucker.

  2. Chris says

    Firelight, Fire Flame, Flameboyant!, Flamboyant, Pizzazz!, Poppoppop!, Pop Pop Pop!, Popping Ember, Crackling Ember, Ember Pop

  3. Naomi says

    Gingerbread, Gingerbread Cookie, Ginger, Ginger Snap, Rum Cake, Fruit Cake, Christmas Morning, Christmas Sunrise, Sunrise

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