Dark Night Rises

Even though many of us are in countdown-to-summer-mode, that amazing, sun-filled time of year isn’t here yet. But there is no need to let these cold months get you down. Brighten up your scarf-wrapped face by giving your lips a cold-weather makeover.

Keep the corals and pinks stashed away for a few more months. This season is all about the edgy and dark vampy lips. Don’t let these rich plum and black cherry colors scare you off. There are some simple tips to help anyone pull off the vampy-lip trend.

Keep It Simple

The biggest problem women face when trying to pull off a darker pout is the rest of your makeup. A deep hue for the lips paired with dark eye shadow and heavy liner can make you look too gothic.

You want to simplify your makeup palette. Start with a pale eye shadow, something neutral such as tan or light brown. You don’t need eyeliner or mascara, but if you’re like me you feel naked without it, add a brown liner and subdued mascara.

Finally, let your lips be your statement with a purple-tinted lipstick, such as our Drama lipstick.

If you are attending a more formal event, you can add a little more color to your makeup. Try adding a light sweep of wine-colored shadow to your eyelids to give you that extra pop for night.Red Apple Lipstick - Drama

The Matte vs. Glossy Dilemma

Aside from choosing your color, you need to decide if you prefer an understated, matte look or a shiny, gloss look. It is really up to you, so try versions of both and determine which fits your style better.

For a matte look, you can buy a matte-version of the lipstick, which some companies offer. Or if you are looking to turn your current vampy-colored stick into a matte look, apply the color then blot with a tissue to reduce the shine.

If you prefer a glossy finish, you can apply a clear lip gloss on top of your lipstick shade. Or you can try a deep-colored gloss, such as our Brandy Candy lip gloss.

Define the Edges

When wearing such a bold lip color, you should apply a lip liner. Using the liner will help you define the edges and create the appearance of fuller lips. If you find a lipstick with a matching lip liner, that’s best. But you can also work with different liners to find a match.

The biggest thing with colors is testing them to find out which shade matches best with your skin tone and hair color. For some, purple undertones work best, while others prefer a rich red blend with a brown undertone.

So pick a hue, and try it out. No matter what you choose, your pout is bound to stand out.

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