Cosmetic Chemists Agree – They Wouldn’t Smear Most Brands Of Lipstick On Their Own GrandMothers.

funny picturesYou would think that a cosmetic chemist would know best right? Well it’s true, they do know best.

I knew it was about high time I get started making a super safe lipstick brand when I heard these words fall out of Stephen’s mouth…


…I wouldn’t smear most brands of lipstick on my own grandmother, AND SHE’S ALREADY DEAD!!



I kid you not, I couldn’t make anything this juicy up.

When I began working on creating Red Apple Lipstick, I knew nothing about safety in makeup. I learned pretty quickly that this is a seriously deadly subject.

Thank god for one cosmetic chemist, it’s because of him that you are even reading this.

You see, Stephen is an old, high level chemist. The kind of guy who gets paid the big bucks, the kind of bucks that allows a person to have two houses, with two pools.

It was a stroke of luck that I was even able to get him on the telephone. Persistance pays off I suppose.

Either way, Stephen and I hit it off big time after I reacted big time to him telling me that ingredients common in lipstick has an enormously growing body of evidence that it accelerated breast cancer in young women like an Apollo Rocket.

What shocked ME the most was that HE was SURPRISED that anyone would even listen to him!! Say what? Are you crazy?

I’m thinking to myself.. this guy has created formulations for HUGE companies, been paid more than I might see in a lifetime to do it, and NO ONE WILL LISTEN TO HIM??!!

Yep, no one would listen to him.

Some years ago, he attempted to broach the subject at a board meeting of one them big ole’ cosmo groups.  Not only did he receive about 50 dagger stares from the room, he later received death threats, and threats against his family.  Again I say … “Sayyy whaaaattt?”

As I gained Stephen’s trust, which was a bit difficult, (and I can understand why), he began to reveal more and more to me the under-pinnings of the U.S. Big Cosmo, and it scared the pants off me.  If you had any idea how much research is swept under the rug, hidden from public view, paid to be painted in a “not so bad” light, or the money used to keep the GOV looking the other way, it would shock you.

After Stephen said what he did about his grandmother, not only was I laughing so hard I almost fell out of my chair, but I wondered if others agreed.

So I called a few other cosmetic chemists I knew and told them what Stephen had said, and every last one of them agreed with his statement.  All of them. 100% across the board.

I was even reading a book on cosmetic chemistry the other night, the one lurking on the bookshelf in our guest bathroom, and like every other book on cosmetic chemistry I have read to date, when you get to the part about Paraben in makeup, it’s always in combination with a warning bubble. WARNING: This ingredient has been linked to breast cancer.  Please exercise caution when using.

So here’s the million dollar question.  If the chemists warn us, and the books warn us, and cancer research facilities all around the globe warn us, why doesn’t the product packaging warn us?


  1. Rachel says

    Maybe I’m just not that observant but did I miss the spot where Randy provides one shred of evidence to back his claims other than his word. No proof of his identity, credentials or even the fact that he owns these mentioned textbooks. Not to mention there’s no telling how outdated these textbooks might be if they even exist. Maybe he could try searching Google for more information about this topic.

    My stance is that I’d much rather use ingredients/products that nature has created and is known to be safe and effective than something cooked up in a lab by some potential mad scientist. Not that all scientist are maniacal, but I’d never trust someone paid by big businesses whether directly or under the rug. Greed chokes out all good intent.

    Thanks for the information Jay!

  2. Barbara says

    Thanks, Jay, for keeping us informed and for making such a fantastic safe product. It is amazing to me that the lobbyists are able to ensure that this information remains virtually hidden from the public. Here’s a challenge for Randy: “If you really buy into what you preach, wear the stuff yourself – just pick a color that is neutral that no one will notice – and smear it on your lips several times a day for a couple weeks – if you can tolerate it that long. Now, be sure to chew some off and swallow it routinely, as that’s what happens when you smear poison on your lips – its so irritating that you just can’t help yourself! You have go get it off! Then, after you’ve poisoned your lips sufficiently that they are dry, chapped, and maybe even split, go to Red Apple Lipstick and get some Ralleye Balm!” Nuf said!

  3. april says

    Unfortunately money talks and the truth is buried in a deep dark hole where big business hopes no one will ever find it. If Randy actually was a chemist with half a brain and a modicum of common sense, he would do a little research to find the truth for himself before coming here advertising his ignorance, laziness, and arrogance. A bigger possibility would be that he knows the truth and chooses to ignore it in the interest of a paycheck, in which case he is below the bottom of the barrel. Unfortunately, Randy and those like him have no desire to find the truth, could care less about the truth, because the truth doesn’t benefit them and requires a little work. Just my humble opinion. Thank you Jay for all you have done!!! I love your products and I am glad that someone is taking a stand against money hungry corporations and those who allow them to get rich off the misery, pain, and lives of others.

  4. Thia Winter says

    Randy what planet do you live on? I’m just a layperson and I’ve been reading research about parabens and cancer for years. I wonder if you are what you say you are. It’s the chemists that work for the big chemical companies that have caused me to develop chemical sensitivities on top of gluten sensitivity. Exposure to those things on a day to day basis has literally made me sick. I have since reduced my exposure and my life is so much better.

  5. Gretta says

    It should be law in every country that ALL ingredients should be on the labelling of all products we use on our bodies or consume….its criminal on many levels. I am so glad I research regularly so I can be informed and pass the word around,which I do. I have allergic reactions to parabens, so i avoid them when I can. they make me feel very sick, so whether they cause cancer or not we have the right to know what we purchase.

  6. Becky Jordan says

    Once upon a time it was thought that cigarettes were actually GOOD for you. Asbestos was a safe and effective flame retardant. Antibiotics are truly wonder drugs–so let’s give them to our livestock and poultry so they won’t get diseases–a little is good, so more is better, right? Having trouble with miscarriages–here’s some DES that will fix the problem. The list of chemicals that were once considered “safe” but later found to be anything but is very long. It took many, many brave souls like Jay Harper to bring these dangerous chemicals to our attention. It’s time that we must carefully examine everything that we put into or onto our bodies and demand that big pharma, cosmetics and food companies aren’t more concerned about money than the health of their constituents.

  7. says

    I’d be willing to bet that greed & fear are the main reasons those warnings aren’t listed for the consumers. Since my own breast cancer diagnosis in 2011- I now read all product labels before purchasing anything. However, most big name cosmetics don’t print such warnings – probably because most women would avoid buying their product – especially if its going to be applied directly onto your face! ( I’m even skeptical about buying super glue with warnings listed! And I only use that product wihile wearing gloves). The bottom line is – there needs to be mandatory labeling for ANY product containing harmful chemicals – from food to cosmetics! The consumer has the right to know what they’re subjecting themselves to. I’m sure I speak for many women when saying…the US government is really letting us down! We are in the midst of a nationwide crisis where the big bad corporations are allowed free reign. The biotech companies are feeding us unlabeled GMO’s & ruining our land, & the pharmaceutical companies seem to push their ‘sickness’ agenda as opposed to wellness. And the FDA doesn’t seem to have the people’s best interest at heart. Very sad…and very scary. Read your labels people! And thanks Red Apple – really like your product and what you stand for!!!

  8. Sherri says

    It’s quite simple.

    We aren’t going to take it anymore. Randy, the value of a life should be far more important than a quick dollar. If there’s even a small possibility that any ingredient could be harmful, it shouldn’t be in our products. Period.

    My mother and grandmother are breast cancer survivors. I myself am I Celiac and a prime candidate for breast cancer. I have sisters. I have a husband. I have a life. I am TIRED of someone else and their greed making me and the ones I love sick.

    I am beyond grateful for Red Apple Lipstick…because of this company we as women have been given a better choice… and a voice to tell the Randy’s of the world one simple thing. We aren’t buying your products of death anymore… because that’s what they are. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but the truth is the truth.

  9. Megan says

    Don’t forget that men get breast cancer as well(they do have the same tissue it just does not take form due to specific hormone Levels needed). Men just genereally use less makeup and get their dose of lipstick toxins from kissing. Maybe is they thought about the cancer causers they were kissing there would be more concern from the biggest execs.

  10. Melody says

    Oh well another really big surprise, someone who does not care at all about people’s health but only about money! Randy, join the crowd. Thank goodness there are those out there that do care such as Jay Harper. Cosmetics filled with carcinogens are extremely expensive and don’t even do a better job of making us look good. Well, we can look good in our caskets for all these people who make the regular cosmetics care. As a woman who has had breast cancer twice and is still here to talk about it, I am one of the lucky ones. There is a plethora of toxins in the makeup, our food, our household items, you name it. It seems everyday I read some other thing that I need to stay away from for the sake of my health. There is one wonderful bright spot and that is this wonderful cosmetic company Red Apple that makes a quality product that makes us look pretty without risking health for the sake of greed. Hats off to Red Apple! Boo hiss to the regular cosmetic chemists…such as this Randy guy… Bad form all the way around.

  11. Lora Lea says

    DO you realize Randy and all the other Randy’s out there…
    You do have to meet your maker some day. What we do here on earth and how we treat others will be very important. The greed of man will be our fall.
    Good luck trying to buy your way into heaven buddy.
    Betcha it doesn’t work!
    Hope I’m wrong about you folks.
    Please consider how much your knowledge can help not just only the women but all of us.

  12. Michele says

    Well, Randy I have known for years to stay away from parabens. There is plenty of research to support that parabens along with tons of other chemicals put into cosmetics and other beauty products are toxic to our bodies. Baby shampoo even has it in it, and it can cause cataracts and childrens eye not to develop properly. If you want to turn a blind eye to it and endager yourself go ahead. Products are laden with formaldehyde, parabens, etc. that will essentially pickle your body. Bill Nye did a program showing how common products such as cosmetics, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, etc. actually contain so much formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals that they don’t have to use as much formaldehyde at the funeral homes these days. Formaldehyde and parabens are know carcinogens, and they are know to cause cancer. I’m glad to know that Jay Harper doesn’t rely on the same books and principles you have. He is dedicated to providing quality products that won’t cause women problems in the future. Men can have breast cancer too you know, so if you’re exposing yourself to these chemicals you might want to start doing some research outside of these books you have.

  13. BChristine says

    Randy i.e. ‘Cosmetic Chemist': This is 2013. You need to evolve here. There is countless and overwhelming evidence that parabens and the like are harmful to one’s health. “…the best science to date says parabens are safe”. You are living in the dark ages my friend. As for your cosmetic textbooks; “dust them off” as Jay said – these are obviously old and outdated; or maybe just a cover for the truth. Evidence to support? Just go to and type in “PARABENS”. Read ALL the articles. I applaud Jay for offering safe and healthy cosmetics for women. I believe he is cutting-edge; and his company – among a few others – is in the beginnings of the end to the “conventional” and unsafe cosmetics in the industry.

  14. Cyndi says

    Sorry Randy, I think you may need to do a little more research to bring you up to date.

    If Parabens are so safe, then why are so many “Organic” and “Natural” products being advertised as “Paraben Free”? Surely if they were safe there would be no mention at all of Parabens.

    Phillipa Darbre is researcher in biomolecular sciences at the University of Reading in England. In 2004, Darbre’s team published a pivotal study that detected parabens in 18 of 20 samples of tissue from breast tumour biopsies. 18 out of 20!!! That’s enough for me. Perhaps if you had breasts you might care too.

    Blessings to you and the women you love, may they all stay safe and healthy.

  15. Ida says

    Don’t wait for a warning label, Randy. In most of Europe GMO’s are OUTLAWED, but here in the profitable USA, we are fighting for labeling. We all know about big business, whether its Big Cosmo or Big Pharma, or big food companies. Nothing stands in the way of making millions. Not my health or yours, or your children’s health. It’s nothing personal, just business.
    I personally choose to limit my exposure to toxic chemicals. As for studies, there’s no money to be made in showing that you’re using toxic ingredients, and we have a thriving cancer industry to support. You see, one hand washes the other. You do what you want Randy, and so will I. I don’t give a damn about “scientific evidence”… I have common sense.

  16. Mary says

    Well – look at how long soy was touted for everything – cereals, “”artificial” meat. The latest studies show that there is a link between soy products and breast CA – soy in the basic form (soy beans) and tofu are ok.

    I like Red Apple because I have been a celiac for 21 years. You have no idea the hunt I and many other women had to make to find out if a lipstick had gluten. Remember – it takes a very small amount to damage the small intestine.

    If people are having reactions to parabens then it means a closer look. Why add a lot of stuff to a lipstick if it is not necessary. Jay and his company are doing something wonderful for celiacs, the gluten sensitive and other folks with inflammatory conditions. We never thought talc was an issue – now it has been shown to cause ovarian CA in some women where talc baby power was used routinely.

    I am a health professional and I have seen a lot happen to people – even if it is only one person that has had problems with paraben, it deserves to be investigated and caution taken.

    One more fact – when it comes to women, whether it be health care, medical research or what is in their cosmetics – we usually get the short end of the stick.
    But not with Red Apple!

  17. Jeanne says

    I am so grateful to Jay Harper and Red Apple Lipstick not only for their paraben free products but also for educating the public as to what is not being told to us about these harmful chemicals. Mr. Schueller I have Celiac Disease and I am a Cancer survivor. That period of my life was pure hell. I am now more diligent about reading labels and being aware of ingedients in the products I use. I know that big corporations could care less about me or my health. They only care about their bottom line – $$$$$. However, I am somebody’s wife, mother, sister and friend. I matter to the people in my life. A lot of people don’t care about diseases until it affects them personally. I wouldn’t wish that on you or anyone. I agree with Dr. Weiss – I would rather be safe than sorry…again. My life is worth more than you will ever earn in your lifetime.

    • Carol Hartman says

      Jeanne, What a beautifully written letter; I felt your pain you have been through. You are right, money is what’s important in industries, regardless of who suffers. Women have to stick together; the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world:)

  18. Carol Hartman says

    This is to Randy,
    Red Apple Lipstick owner, Jay Adam Harper, only manufactures cosmetics that are totally safe and aesthetically beautiful. I see he has provided a wealth of links for you to research. I know high dollar cosmetic companies don’t manufacture their cosmetics for us girls to be safe from cancer causing agents. Women must stick together if we are to win this war on breast cancer; I have lost many friends to the dread disease, as well as I know of some young females who have passed away from it. It’s a very expensive illness, plus can cost millions of dollars, let alone the wear and tear on family and loved ones. Why would I choose to buy a product that I know has cancer causing agents in it as compared to Red Apple Lipstick products? And why would Jay Harper choose to make up a story with fabricated lies just so he can make money?? Do you make money through the large cosmetic industry? You think money is the driving force behind all products? I’m not surprised; research has been swept under the rug about medical marijuana for years, with research and facts being hidden that medical marijuana is a cancer killer, and all because of money, drugs, and politics, so why wouldn’t cosmetics be the same way? It’s all too sad that money is more important than females’ health and whether we live or not. Jay Harper and Red Apple Cosmetics aren’t going away; he’s only growing, and because he is promoting products that are safe for all ages of females to use, with no worries about the ingredients causing cancer. Right is right, wrong is wrong, and you can’t make a wrong to be right, I don’t care how many ways you twist it. People who manufacture cosmetics are either honest or dishonest about the ingredients; there’s no half right, and if you promote dishonesty, you are fighting against women’s health. Politics talk, but that’s what’s wrong in our country now is money is still the root of all evil, with breast cancer being a bad evil!! I am positive that you are an intelligent person; It would be so beneficial to the world if you would get on board with Jay Harper and start fighting for women’s health. I pray you will read his links above and use your intellect to help promote non cancer causing women’s cosmetics. If you have women in your life, you surely don’t want any of them to be diagnosed with breast cancer; therefore, you could only promote cancer free cosmetics in your business.

  19. chemicalpoison says

    Nothing to see here folks, move along…..NOT.
    Randy, either you are very much behind the times, in denial or your living depends on turning a blind eye. Why are so many products now ‘paraben free’? Perhaps instead of being in denial (at best) you could do a course, buy yourself some new books and/or grow conscience. You are a disgrace to your profession and to the human race.

    Grow a conscience and get to work in a real job. There is no dignity in shilling when children, women and, in fact, all of us at risk.

  20. ethel says

    Actually, Jay, Randy can get breast cancer, too. My husband’s uncle had it. So maybe he might want to do a little more current research.

  21. Megan says

    sir, you should take the time to simply listen to women’s health alert on occasion. Not too long ago it was announced that young girls(as young as 12 and 13) were developing lip and facial cancers due to lip gloss and lipstick use. For many years my eye doctor has stated that my mascara and eye shadow would cause my eyes damage from the chemicals(which is why I stopped using them all for years, nothing safe until now). It is truely hard to believe that anyone would trust the research the companies come up with considering they dont have to share it with anyone but the gov if they feel like it. I know many women that opted to go natural rather than support the makeup that gave them or their family members cancer. I hope you don’t have a daughter you encourage to wear regular over the counter make up. Why don’t you give it a try and see how devistating it is.

  22. Jay Adam Harper says

    Marisa Weiss, MD, does not believe in taking chances with breast health. Weiss, the president and founder of and director of Breast Radiation Oncology and Breast Health Outreach at Lankenau Medical Center in Wynnewood, Pa., is a breast cancer survivor.

    “There are parabens in many personal products that can be taken into the body in different ways and can stay in you,” she says. “Our tissues can be storage lockers for chemical such as parabens.”

    “Better safe than sorry,” she says. “Avoid products that contain hormonally active ingredients, including parabens.” Weiss practices what she preaches: “I use things that are good enough to eat.”

    • Jeannie Marie says

      You have amazed me, Jay! You are such a caring, caring person!! Like I told you before, I really admire the hard work that you put into this!
      Thank you!

  23. Randy Schueller says

    I’m a cosmetic chemist and I haven’t seen any scientific evidence that supports what you say in this article. I have a shelf full of cosmetic text books and none of them carry a “warning bubble” about parabens. In fact, the best science to date says parabens are safe. If there are other hidden dangers in lipsticks I’d love to learn about them but unless you can provide links to some kind of data to support your statements I have to believe this is just a made up story.

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