Chief Medical Director Of American Cancer Society: Breast Cancer In Young Women “Has My Attention Now”


USA Today Reports:

At a time when the USA is making progress, studies show a worrisome rise in the number of young women diagnosed with advanced, incurable, deadly breast cancer.

What’s considered “young woman” in the breast cancer world?

Try 25 years old on for size!

For years, I have been one of the only people in the United States to use 30 years of studies that link a rampantly used, recklessly placed, unneeded chemical preservative in personal care products to the growth of these very same deadly breast cancer cells.

Paraben is the ingredient in question, and it’s wide spread use showed up on store shelves in 1970.

In the recently published USA Today article, aptly titled “Deadly breast cancers are rising in young women”, the writer references an article published in the esteemed (sarcasm? Maybe) Journal of the Medical Association.

In truth, the article is actually pretty scary. Essentially, the publication has noted that the “increase” of incident has been steadily rising over the past 40 years, specifically citing the trend growth explosion starting in…. you guessed, 1970.

It used to be that the rate of increase “per year” was 2% (in the early 70’s), then it began to climb to 2.9%, and now it’s at all an all time high of 3.6%… per year.

I want to be sure this is understood. They are saying that the each year, 3.6% more women than the previous year develop this type of breast cancer. The very kind that paraben has been proven to aid in the growth of.

This makes sense when you consider four things.

1) Increased, unregulated use of Paraben in personal care products.
2) Increase in female population.
3) Increase in the number of personal care products sold to and consumed by the increased female population
4) Increase in a vanity based exposure to the increased female population, who then buy and consume more and more personal care products, with rampant, unregulated paraben usage in them.

The study finally caught the attention of someone who should have been paying attention all along.

Deputy Chief Medical Director at the American Cancer Society Len Lichtenfeld said, Studies Like This Get Your Attention.

The study itself was actually based only on statistics collected by the NCI (National Cancer Institute), which the US Government version of the ACS.

Maybe it’s time for the ACS to look at some numbers too?

The American Cancer Society has been under fire from the Chronicle Of Philanthropy, the authoritative U.S. charity watchdog, who charged the ACS as being “more interested in accumulating wealth than saving lives.” (Hall H., and Williams G. “Professor VS Cancer Society.”)

The numbers are easily skewed when whole numbers are lumped together. What does it mean when you say “Breast Cancer is down 7%” and then out of the other side you admit that “the deadliest kind is up “another 3.6%” this year.. again.. and it’s happening in young women”.

Lichtenfeld can’t ignore this one, and acknowledged the observations saying “It’s a terrible situation.”

Study author, Rebecca Johnson recommends you ignore advice against being checking yourself earlier in life, and to be sure you have….


She said one other important thing…

“Given there’s such a change over a short amount of time, we may find modifiable risk factors or potentially toxic exposures that are fueling this increase.”

Yeah, I agree. Do you!?


  1. Joyce says

    Thank-you, thank-you for your diligence in fighting these silent killers of women. I admit, I am one who paid due diligence about what I put IN my body for many years. But, sadly, somehow I neglected what I put ON my body, not totally recognizing absorption through the skin. Jay, your concern, research & postings are so appreciated. Simultaneously we ALL need to also be aware of GMO’s & the practices of agribusiness that puts hormones, chemicals, pesticides in our food. This is a battle that requires the awareness of many.

  2. jessica says

    As usually the link between breast cancer and hormonal birth control is never mentioned. Abortion especially in young women- has been proven to increase the risk of breast cancer. Young women frequently do both of these things. I’m sure the junk in our food and beauty products only part of the picture. It boggles my mind that some people are so concerned with eating organic food and using natural cleaning and beauty products( which are very important things!), yet will take the poison of birth control without hesitation, most likely out of ignorance. NFP is a much safer and natural choice.

  3. Linda Solomon says

    Thank you Jay for your input regarding all the toxic shameful goings on in our country these days. I sign petitions all the time against GMO’s and have ceased going to my favorite store for almost one year now, which is Whole Foods; since they have thrown in with Monsatan! When the thrill is gone from a company that had such high standards at one time, to now going real low to first say they weren’t going to label for five years, then to so much as say the GMO giant is fine; is a sad disappointment for me. Living with MS, the medical intuitive I’ve been treating with for more than three years, told me initially to consume as much organic as I’m able, so with the small amount I have to use for food per month I do my best; but with GMO’s lurking everywhere; it’s frightening. With no labeling it makes shopping a challenge for there are supposed to be the “dirty dozen” and the clean fifteen; but not sure if that’s exactly right. There is a tremendous amount of cancer on my father’s side of the family and I don’t think it matters whether it’s maternal or fraternal anymore. It’s not only Parabens and other toxins like red dye #40 and others, etc. that go into all products used for cleaning ourselves as well as clothing and our homes; it’s also about the pesticides and everything else toxic that threatens people with cancer. It all works together in a nasty manner against human health and far too often leads to cancer.

  4. Jodi says

    Jay, Thanks so much for publishing this! It’s a topic no one wants to discuss, and I for one, am happy that you are the type of guy who will “go there” for us ladies.

    I’m 62, and I remember a time when men were men, and they stuck up for us. Now days, you can hardly get anyone to help you open a door.

    So thank you!

    Jodi from Kentucky

  5. Jules says

    Insurance!?!? Get insurance??? What a friggin joke that is.. like any insurance company actually WANTS to help you.

  6. Janice says

    DUHHHHH! Everyone in the natural community knows that paraben is a silent killer of our women and children.

    I think the america cancer society is more interested in selling drugs, treatment and machines for diagnoses than ever solving cancer.

    I think them commenting on this at all is just to save face.

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