Has Red Apple Lipstick Encouraged You?

She laughed at me when I suggested she ask her husband on a date. “Yeah, THAT’ll be the day!” she said in her Seattle girl moved to Texas accent as she stood in my driveway… barefoot. “No, Seriously” I said “Why the heck not??” “Just a baby sitter alone would be nice! Much less a […]

The Parakeet That Flew – Cancer Free Body, Paraben Free Lipstick


Melissa Herrmann, 43, mother of 2, devoted wife, loves her lipstick, and had her wings clipped one day. [blockquote]“I’ve always loved lipstick, my whole life,” she says. “If I’m going to wear any piece of makeup, it’s going to be lipstick.”[/blockquote] Melissa was 27, living the dream life that any proud Parakeet would.  She was […]