Lipstick IS An Accessory


What if I told you… “You can only have one pair of shoes, for all occasions.” “You can only have one pair of earrings, for all occasions.” “You can only have two necklaces, for all occasions.” “You can only have 1 purse… forever” You would tell me I was nuts! Women have a ton of […]

The Ultimate Guide to Pink Lipstick


A great guide to pink lipsticks from RAL Click To Tweet [youtube url=”” width=”560″ height=”350″]   Pink is a very special and powerful lipstick color. Did you know that pink is a tint (light shade) of red and is the only color tint that has it’s on name? It’s the color choice of little girls, […]


Danielle and Mother

[box type=”note_box” color=”btn_green”]Before you read this: In our line of business at Red Apple Lipstick, we have the great fortune of meeting a lot of wonderful women, who are all bound in a sisterhood of an Autoimmune disease. This story is about Danielle, whose life was stopped by the worst case of Celiac Disease on […]

Cosmetic Chemists Agree – They Wouldn’t Smear Most Brands Of Lipstick On Their Own GrandMothers.

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You would think that a cosmetic chemist would know best right? Well it’s true, they do know best. I knew it was about high time I get started making a super safe lipstick brand when I heard these words fall out of Stephen’s mouth… [blockquote] …I wouldn’t smear most brands of lipstick on my own […]

Why You Should Worry About Your Lipstick


If you are worried about what toxic chemicals are lurking in your makeup’s ingredients, you’re not alone. In a recent poll, 64 percent of Americans indicated concern over hazardous chemicals in their beauty products. Hear what experts have to say about the matter, and rest assured that Red Apple Lipstick never used harmful preservatives.

Has Red Apple Lipstick Encouraged You?

She laughed at me when I suggested she ask her husband on a date. “Yeah, THAT’ll be the day!” she said in her Seattle girl moved to Texas accent as she stood in my driveway… barefoot. “No, Seriously” I said “Why the heck not??” “Just a baby sitter alone would be nice! Much less a […]