New Makeup, Private Price


Hey there, It’s that time again….   …. I’ve stepped away from the lipstick cauldron, and my latest gluten free, allergy free creations have been molded, and pressed into their lipstick tubes, and poured into their gloss containers ….   … and they are about to go on-sale, privately.   For the Summer of 2015, […]

Think Wheat Gluten Is Ok On Your Skin? Think Again… Enter HWG and HWP

hydrolyzed wheat gluten

I don’t like to get into arguments.  I don’t normally find myself in the he said, she said stuff.  But here’s a report regarding wheat gluten on your skin you should really read. The consensus floating around the United States and Canada is that “the wheat protein is too large to enter your body through […]

Red Apple Lipstick Teams With Lauren Conrad For Summer 2014 Makeup Photo shoot – “LookBook” Enclosed

Red Apple Lipstick + Lauren Conrad Photo Shoot

Red Apple teams with Lauren Conrad Design For Summer Photo Shoot – LookBook here Click To Tweet   This year we had the special privilege  of using Lauren Conrad’s latest clothes collection during the production of our Summer Makeup 2014 Look Book. Each time we make a new collection of colors, be it lipsticks, glosses […]

Breast Cancer at 27 Sucks!

RED APPLE LIPSTICK VIP CLUB APRIL NEWSLETTER REPRINT – JOIN TODAY AND GET A COUPON EVERY MONTH ********* STRAIGHT DOPE FIRST – NO BREAST CANCER SECOND ************Your Latest Coupon Code is NOCANCER A lot of women think that this discount happens magically with no input on their part, but you gotta enter this code into […]

Avon gets hammered over Chinese bribes.


The Vice Chairman of Avon, Charles Cramb… FIRED, terminated, adios. Head of Avon Audit and Securities, Ian Rosetter… FIRED, terminated, adios. Avon manager of the China unit, the Avon China CFO, and the head of corporate affairs.. FIRED, terminate, adios. Avon CEO, Andrea Jung, stepping down. I guess that’s what happens when you pay off Chinese […]