Every Day Look Using Petal Pusher Gluten Free Lipstick by RAL

gluten free makeup looks

[button link=”http://www.redapplelipstick.com/gluten-free-lipstick/summer-passion/petal-pusher.html” bg_color=”#ff3d84″]Buy Petal Pusher Now! [/button] I get a lot of inspiration from other makeup artists. I’m constantly searching for the latest trends, how-to’s and product reviews and it seems as though Pinterest is the holy grail of beauty forums in a way! I did a simple search for “pink lips makeup looks” and […]

Step By Step – Fix A Broken Lipstick


Hello Red Apple Lipstick fans! I have read about how to fix a lipstick when it breaks.  I thought the process sounded amusing so I decided to try it for myself! First things first.  It totally works. Second, it is messy, so be prepared.  Have gloves Here is the problem, you hit a pot hole and your […]