The Ultimate Guide To: Red Lipstick


The warmest of all colors, Red is powerful, passionate, strong, driven, confident, energizing, determined, mysterious, and sophisticated. Red is energizing in that it motivates us to take action. The color is used to express love as in Valentine’s Day, and in Eastern cultures such as China, it’s the color of good luck, prosperity, happiness and […]

How long before a lipstick grows mold and bacteria? Not as long as you think once you consider…


Multiple Choice How long should a lipstick last before it goes bad and cattywhompus? A. 6 Months B. 1 Year C. 3 Years D. 12 Years If you picked D, you’re way off… Think about this for second. Lipstick is sticky (that’s why it’s called lipstick, not cause of it’s shape AND all lipsticks are […]

Gluten Free Gel Eyeliner Tutorial Using Red Apple Eyeshadow and Rallye Balm

Since we all LOVE eyeliner over here at Red Apple Lipstick…but currently don’t produce any “traditional” pencils…we’ve tried multiple ways to get an eyeliner effect with our own eyeshadows.  This technique was developed by one of our awesome customers, Ashley Teague.  She’s a genius, and has developed the most awesome technique for creating a gel […]

10 Time Saving Beauty Tricks!


Let’s face it-not all of us have time to perfect ourselves every morning. With kids, work, soccer practice and dance recitals, the last thing most women want to do is spend hours in front of the mirror fighting with fly-aways or caking on products. With our tips and tricks, you’ll be polished in no time […]