Gluten Free Weekend Adventure, Rogue River, Oregon!


  I have awesome news for adrenaline junkies looking for a gluten-free weekend getaway.  Whitewater Warehouse offers a gluten-free 3-day river rafting adventure in the Rogue River area of southern Oregon.  This specialty trip is being held this August (see dates HERE), and looks absolutely amazing! The price for this tour includes lodging and fabulous […]

Pizzeria Owner with Celiac Sues Insurance Company


Now this is a bit of news flash I found extremely interesting!  A Michigan pizzeria owner bought a life insurance policy from Berkshire Life Insurance Company of America that included a disability clause. The owner was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease and was told by his doctor to avoid all contact with gluten.  That’s not […]

Frito-Lay Lab Tests for Gluten-Free ceritfication


With all the talk about national food brands offering gluten-free options and the controversy whether or not they are truly gluten-free (see Domino’s), it’s refreshing to see a company make a real effort to show their products are safe for everyone to eat. Frito-Lay has announced that they are going certify that their potato chips […]

There should be a standarized label for gluten-free products


In the past few days I have written about two pizza chains that recently announced they are offering gluten-free pizza options, albeit with two different delivery methods. The two chains are Domino’s Pizza and Chuck E. Cheese.  To sum up, Domino’s pizza crusts are made 100% gluten free with rice flour and potato starch.  However, […]