Baked Grape Tomatoes


What better way to celebrate our new line of summer inspired lipsticks than with summer inspired gluten-free recipes?   I’ve been scouring through my favorite blog sites and recipes books to find summery dishes that are perfect for the hot days that lie ahead. Today I want to share this one with you, Baked Grape Tomatoes.  […]

GF Thai Chicken Wraps


Thai Chicken Wraps (from Looking for something different for dinner?  You cannot go wrong with Thai food!  Ethnic, exotic and filling, Thai food brings that something special to the dinner table;  you know,  those times when you are hungry but can’t decide what you are in the food for and your normal dinner solutions […]

A YUMMY Gluten Free Calzone


This recipe comes courtesy of our friend Lauren Wuscher from her blog,  Calzones are a favorite comfort food of mine.  Something about the doughy goodness filled with warm melted cheese and veggies just makes me feel happy and relaxed.  This gluten free version is filling and tasty. This recipe is not only gluten-free, it’s […]

Salmon Cakes

These salmon cakes are ‘breaded’ with wild rice and make a perfect addition to your Fish Fridays.  They come thanks to Gluten Free Mommy’s blog and they were a hit with my picky eaters.  Click here to see more from Gluten Free Mommy and her blog on GF living.  These were fun to make and […]

Gluten Free Mashed Red Potatoes With Garlic And Parmesan

Sometimes my favorite foods are the simple ones.  Nothing warms me up better on a cold day than mashed potatoes.  Since potatoes are naturally gluten-free it makes a super side dish.  This recipe I found on, and it’s one I make all the time.  It’s easy and so delicious! [box type="download" style="rounded" border="full"]Scroll to […]

Happy GF Valentine’s Day – Spice up a simple Valentines day in with these Fun Gluten Free Recipes


Love is in the air…what better way celebrate this day of love by baking a romantic dinner for two.  These gluten-free recipes are to sure bring out the Romeo (or Juliet) in your other half!  Show someone just how much you care by making something special. Gluten Free Heart-Shaped Pizza (from Ingredients: 1 recipe […]

Gluten Free Dining Cards


I found this item and thought it was an ingenious idea!  You know how difficult it can be when dining out to explain to your server that you have Celiac disease and you cannot eat certain things.  You have to ask what the ingredients are for each menu item.  You have to ask how food […]