Chief Medical Director Of American Cancer Society: Breast Cancer In Young Women “Has My Attention Now”

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USA Today Reports: At a time when the USA is making progress, studies show a worrisome rise in the number of young women diagnosed with advanced, incurable, deadly breast cancer. What’s considered “young woman” in the breast cancer world? Try 25 years old on for size! For years, I have been one of the only […]

Red Apple Lipstick Releases “Shocking” Graphic Involving Breasts

History of Paraben and Breast Cancer

We all know that Red Apple Lipstick is standing at the front of the line leading the way against a chemical that has links to creating and growing breast cancer in younger and younger women. This “Shocking” Graphic was released two days ago in a quiet pinterest release, and it has taken the nation by […]

Dr. Joseph Murray On Gluten In Everyday Products, Especially Lipstick

There is an estimated 14 million people on a gluten free diet. Did you know that experts recommend patients choose lipsticks, mouth wash and toothpaste that are gluten free? For those with celiac disease, gluten is absorbed by the gastrointestinal track. This can trigger symptoms like diarrhea, bloating, headache, abdominal pain and fatigue. Watch this […]

Lipstick IS An Accessory


What if I told you… “You can only have one pair of shoes, for all occasions.” “You can only have one pair of earrings, for all occasions.” “You can only have two necklaces, for all occasions.” “You can only have 1 purse… forever” You would tell me I was nuts! Women have a ton of […]

The Ultimate Guide To Wearing Brown Eyeshadow


If there is a single eyeshadow every woman should own, it’s a brown eyeshadow. No makeup bag is complete without one. I didn’t grow up knowing this, and my mama never taught me. But, after tons of research, talking to makeup artists, and lots of trial and error…I learned why a neutral brown palette is […]

Cosmetic Chemists Agree – They Wouldn’t Smear Most Brands Of Lipstick On Their Own GrandMothers.

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You would think that a cosmetic chemist would know best right? Well it’s true, they do know best. I knew it was about high time I get started making a super safe lipstick brand when I heard these words fall out of Stephen’s mouth… [blockquote] …I wouldn’t smear most brands of lipstick on my own […]