How to Keep Your Eyeliner From Breaking


Those of you who use eyeliner pencils know how discouraging it can be sometimes to sharpen them! Certain eyeliners are softer than others and just don’t like to be sharpened; they seem to just fall apart as soon as you start turning the pencil. Then pretty soon all you have left is a little nubbin […]

Fashion Friday: Summer Outfit Inspiration

PicMonkey Collage

There’s something exciting about summer style and fashion! You get to bring all your hidden gems, like sundresses and floral tank tops that have been pushed to the back of your closet behind cozy sweaters and coats to the forefront. We recently had a photo shoot with our new Summer Collection Lipsticks and Glosses and have […]

Summer Collection 2015 Naming Contest!


This year for summer 2015 we are bringing you a fabulous new collection of six new lipsticks and two new glosses. As always we need your help in giving these gorgeous new shades some names. This year the winning names will win bigger than ever! Just enter your suggestions for each color in the comments of this […]

The Ultimate Guide To Highlighting With Eyeshadows

guide to highlighting

There’s this magical little trick in the makeup world known as highlighting. Why is highlighting so magical? This optical illusion has the ability to draw attention to eyes making them brighter, appear bigger, lighter, more awake, lifted and gives you an overall more youthful look using the following principles:  To pull something forward, make it […]

All About Brown Eyeshadows!


Hey ladies, it’s Ashley again! Let’s face it: Brown eyeshadows are a girl’s best friend! No other eyeshadows can complement all skin tones, eye colors and ages all while providing you with great versatility in creating looks that are classic, timeless and range anywhere from natural to sultry.  Oh, and I can’t forget to mention that […]

A Quick Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Snow Day Sherri

Hi guys! It’s Sherri. Today we’re featuring a Snow Day look with two of my favorite eyeshadows, Espresso & Golden Ticket. I know we’re all ready for Spring, but it snowed where I’m at currently! This look however, is quick and easy for any day, any season  All I have done here is lined my […]

How To Have The Best Valentine’s Day Ever!


Happy Valentine’s Day beauties! This past week (maybe even weeks) has probably been busy for you. Running errands, juggling kids, work, keeping house etc. so I’m sure you’re looking forward to nice, long weekend! Even if you don’t have plans to go out or get dolled up I think you definitely shouldn’t skip Valentine’s Day all […]