8 Days Of Summer Passion Lipstick. A Naming Contest. What name would YOU give them?


Hello Red Apple Lipstick Fans!  It’s time for another great naming contest. Red Apple Lipstick has developed a new line of gluten free lipsticks we have called “Summer Passion”. These limited edition, one of a kind lipsticks will be on sale throughout the summer of 2012. The only problem is, we don’t know what to call each […]

RAL Celebrates International Women’s Day


Today is International Women’s Day!   I find it timely that today, March 8, is a day set aside to honor and uplift women everywhere.  You’ll notice even Google has gotten into the act with their special Women’s Day logo.  With all the women’s issues being hotly debated in the political arena lately, I thought I […]

Our Gluten Free Lip Pencils Have Been Named; Release Date Coming Soon!

Brick Gluten Free Lip Pencil by Red Apple Lipstick

Well thanks to all of our fantastic fans, our new gluten free lip pencils have a name! We ran a week long naming contest on facebook and on the Red Apple Lipstick blog to come up with some great color names for the three lip pencils we are about to release. Our fans are SO […]

Our new Gluten Free Lip Pencils Need A Name! Can you help?


Hello Red Apple Lipstick Fans. We would like to introduce you to our newest gluten free, paraben free, allergen free product; the lip pencil! These fantastic, mineral based lip pencils are ready to go.  They have passed their final formula gluten test, they have passed our “hey what do you think of these?” tests, they […]

Our New Photography Campaign has begun.

Here at red apple lipstick, we really love and enjoy the human element surrounding our products. So a new campaign is under way! Stay on the lookout for fresh photography of everyday women, in everyday places, doing everyday things, empowered and beautiful! We also want to hear your stories! We want to hear about your […]

Balm X Needs A Name!

Balm X by Red Apple Lipstick

Hello Everyone.   At the request of our customer base, Red Apple Lipstick has developed a gluten free, paraben free, allergen free, super awesome BALM!   This balm is totally hydrating, totally tasteless and totally scentless.  Reports from our testers have come back with phrases like “Better than any chapstick I have ever seen” and […]