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Good afternoon, everyone! I hope your week has been full of fun and happiness! Let me introduce you to the latest “Blogger of the Week,” and our new friend, Lisa.

Lisa is the owner and founder of, which is a wonderful website that has so much information about gluten free living. Lisa was diagnosed with Celiac disease in the late 1970s as a toddler. Back then, celiac was quite a rare diagnosis. According to Lisa, during the 70s only about 1 in 4000 people were diagnosed with it, “so I was very lucky to be diagnosed!”

Getting diagnosed was no easy feat. They never suspected anything in her diet at that point. They actually thought because she was malnourished, severely underweight and her hair was falling out that she had cancer! She was also getting sick after every meal. “One day I happened to eat a banana, and a nurse documented that I was able to tolerate it. That was the first time medical staff decided to look into food issues. You could say the banana (and nurse of course) saved my life!” That’s when they did the test for celiac and it did indeed come back positive.

Her parents quickly made changes to her diet. Back in the 1970s finding gluten free restaurants or food was a challenge. Her parents had to drive miles out of the way to find gluten-free foods. However, they met that challenge and learned how to cook gluten-free and they adapted to their gluten free lifestyle. The downside of it being the 1970s was that there were no accommodations for dietary special needs like there are today. Summer camps and other events were skipped and she could not eat the pizza at birthday parties. Fortunately, because she has been gluten-free since she was so young, she never had to go through adjusting to a GF lifestyle as an adult.

In creating her website,, her main concerns were that finding information was made easier for others than it had been for her. “I know many people have to search from website to website in order to meet their needs, with respect to living gluten-free. Personally, I have found a number of websites that provide information about restaurants and bakeries; however, I thought it would be wonderful to offer more categories and more access to more gluten-free businesses. It’s about accessibility, which I lived much of my life without. ”[quote style=”boxed”]We need accessibility on the internet without spending an endless amount of time searching, because there is so much available today, and I want to help others find it!’[/quote]

That’s exactly what you will find when you visit her site: lots of information and categories about gluten free living. If you have questions about celiac disease or gluten free food, entertaining, eating out, different gluten free products, you are sure to find the answer you need here. It helps that this site is designed and run by someone who knows first-hand what it means to have celiac disease and what goes into living gluten free. Above all you will find a place where you know there are others who can relate to your condition and where you can find resources to help you live healthily.

To those who are newly diagnosed with Celiac Disease , she offers this helpful advice: “Learn as much as you possibly can about the gluten-free diet, with respect to what you can and cannot eat – there are so many hidden ingredients in food that contain gluten that you would never expect, such as soy sauce, etc. Give yourself time to adjust, and be patient. It is certainly not an easy diet to transition to, however, adherence to the GF diet is very important, because CD can lead to so many other long-term health complications and autoimmune issues. Experiment with gluten-free recipes, which can be cost effective, healthy and fun. Acknowledge that you are one of the lucky ones – lucky enough to have been diagnosed and have the opportunity to get back on track to good health. Adhering to the GF diet and finding your way back to optimal health is what it’s all about!”

Visit Lisa and her website today and put it down on your favorites list. Keep it handy because it is such a great place to refer to when you need to look up something about celiac and living gluten free!

Tell us about other great Gluten-Free websites you’ve found below!!

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