Meet us at the Chicago GFAF Expo!


Oooh it’s that time of year when the flowers start to bloom and we get to head to Chicago!  It really is that toddlin’ town…but more than that, it is the host city for the world’s largest and best gluten and allergen free expo. Yes, that’s a bold statement – and it’s true! The Chicago […]

Red Apple Lipstick Wants To Meet YOU In San Francsico


  Yay! It’s 2014 – a new year…with new tour dates…and fun surprises! Let’s hope you’ve set up some fun goals for this year instead of daunting “resolutions.”  ‘Cause let’s face it – telling yourself you have to lose 30 pounds by summer is daunting…but committing to taking better care of yourself because you deserve […]

The Ultimate Guide To: Red Lipstick


The warmest of all colors, Red is powerful, passionate, strong, driven, confident, energizing, determined, mysterious, and sophisticated. Red is energizing in that it motivates us to take action. The color is used to express love as in Valentine’s Day, and in Eastern cultures such as China, it’s the color of good luck, prosperity, happiness and […]

The Ultimate Guide To Wearing Brown Eyeshadow


If there is a single eyeshadow every woman should own, it’s a brown eyeshadow. No makeup bag is complete without one. I didn’t grow up knowing this, and my mama never taught me. But, after tons of research, talking to makeup artists, and lots of trial and error…I learned why a neutral brown palette is […]


Danielle and Mother

[box type=”note_box” color=”btn_green”]Before you read this: In our line of business at Red Apple Lipstick, we have the great fortune of meeting a lot of wonderful women, who are all bound in a sisterhood of an Autoimmune disease. This story is about Danielle, whose life was stopped by the worst case of Celiac Disease on […]

Gluten Free Gel Eyeliner Tutorial Using Red Apple Eyeshadow and Rallye Balm

Since we all LOVE eyeliner over here at Red Apple Lipstick…but currently don’t produce any “traditional” pencils…we’ve tried multiple ways to get an eyeliner effect with our own eyeshadows.  This technique was developed by one of our awesome customers, Ashley Teague.  She’s a genius, and has developed the most awesome technique for creating a gel […]

The Cookbook Autoimmune Diseases, Cancer, Wrinkles & Body Fat Will Hate!

Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 2.01.07 PM

The gorgeous ladies behind Nature’s Knockout have “knocked” it out of the ball park with their brand new book. Laurie and Tiffany are a mother-daughter makeup and hair team that travel the world, spreading love and beauty in every breath, it seems. Everything changed when Tiffany was diagnosed with an aggressive autoimmune disease, rhuematoid arthritis. They dug […]