Breast Cancer at 27 Sucks!

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Avon gets hammered over Chinese bribes.


The Vice Chairman of Avon, Charles Cramb… FIRED, terminated, adios. Head of Avon Audit and Securities, Ian Rosetter… FIRED, terminated, adios. Avon manager of the China unit, the Avon China CFO, and the head of corporate affairs.. FIRED, terminate, adios. Avon CEO, Andrea Jung, stepping down. I guess that’s what happens when you pay off Chinese […]

Waterproof mascara kills eye lash roots over time

mascara hurts eye lids?

You’ve likely already gotten the hint that your lash follicle can be damaged. Years of eye lash abuse leads to all kinds of problems and afflictions of the eye lash and eye lid. Here’s a wiki-pedia article that outlines 12 different afflictions, some of which I am sure you have experienced. The biggest problem?? You […]

Give PinkWashing The Bird

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The issue of breast cancer is extremely important to me as three women in my biological family have all suffered and survived from breast cancer. Cancer research, prevention and diagnosis are therefore extremely important to me and the health of my family. In the decades of cancer research and millions of dollars, we actually have […]