Anyone can wear Red Lipstick!

Red Lipstick continues to be the number one shade of red. Women the world over love RED on their lips. It’s sexy, sultry, and it brings out our inner sex pot! Anyone can wear red, however there are some tricks to getting it just right.

There is just something sensual about wearing red lipstick.  Sometimes you may want to feel bold and not blend into the wall.  You want to be noticed.  You also might think that you can’t wear red lipstick, that it’s not your color.  Of course you can wear red!  Just follow these tips to achieve your look.   Go for it!


Adjust for Skin Tone

The lighter your skin, the lighter you should go on your eyes.  Less make up on on your eyes and cheeks when you are pale will make the red on your lips pop and look appropriate, otherwise you risk looking like a clown or Dr. Frankenfurter.  For your eyes, skip the eyeliner and wear only mascara.

No Bleeding

Red lipstick has a tendency to bleed.  This is a quick fix.  Apply a light lip liner on first.  No need to make it a dark lip liner; nude or the same shade as your lipstick does the job just fine and doesn’t over-power your red lipstick.  Lip liner can be used as a base; just cover your whole lips with the liner.  This actually helps your lipstick or lip gloss to stay on longer.

Have Fuller Lips

If you have thin lips, one trick to make the appear more plump is to line your lips just outside your natural lip line.  Not too dark though, or you will draw attention to your trade secret!  Plus, this look is dated and tacky.

Blend Blend Blend

If the red lipstick you are using doesn’t look quite right, there is no reason you can’t mix two or three different shades to creature your own unique shade.  (Although, we here at Red Apple Lipstick have gorgeous shades of red lipstick and are confident one will match your complexion perfectly)

Nail it

Experts agree that when wearing red lipstick, it’s best to forgo red nail polish.  Wearing a french manicure, lighter shade of red or pink on the nails are perfect for when you are going for OMG red lips.  When wearing red, red lips, best to make that your focus.

So there you have it.   Go ahead and dare to wear the red lipstick of your choice!  Red is fun and alluring and makes you feel special.  Every woman deserves to feel special and beautiful.


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