A Dish Best Served… Sweet!

How to get the best gluten free deserts in the world!

Get your gluten free sweets on thanks to Annie McGill and Kenna Nelson.

This dynamic duo operate a sweet little place titled Annie May’s Sweet Cafe, and just like the name sounds, they dish up the very best, home-made gluten free sweets on the planet!

Annie Mcgill opened Annie May’s Sweet Cafe in June of 2011 and her mission to allow those with gluten intolerance to “have their cake and eat too” has been fully realized.

With the help of Master Pastry Chef Kenna Nelson, Annie May’s has been able to churn out the most delectable gluten free deserts!

Their menu consists of your favorite items such as Carrot Cake, Pumpkin Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Strawberry Cake,  and all the way to Cream Cheese Cakes.  Their menu of cakes is an astounding 12 stunning cakes with 18 different frostings, all delicious!

And if you think their cakes are birthday worthy, wait until you see their cookies, brownies and bars!

With 8 amazing options, I can attest (cause I have tried them!) that Annie’s cookies can stand up to the best of their glutenous, sugary, counterparts!

Last but not least are the pies. 8 Stunning pies can be ordered for any occasion!

Not only can these two girls turn out the best gluten free deserts on the planet, they have also mastered the art of getting these items to your doorstep in a fresh and timely way.

Annie May’s Sweet Cafe keeps a tight shipping schedule, shipping all items order each Tuesday so that the items arrive just in time for the weekend.

If you desire something special, something sweet, something out of this world, the head over to Sweet Annie’s Website at http://www.anniemayssweetcafe.com/

From their website you can find their menu easily and their phone number for ordering is located right on their home page, near the bottom.  Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

Annie McGill

Kenna Nelson


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