7 Tips to Revolutionize Your Makeup Bag

They say it’s what’s on the inside that counts. And while many women turn to their makeup bag to enhance their outer beauty, most don’t know the dangers of what they’re slathering on their faces. When is the last time you really looked at what’s in your cosmetic collection?

These tips come from the master in revolutionizing the cosmetics industry himself, Jay Adam Harper. His mantra for women: treat yourself right, and rid your body of harmful ingredients! Every woman deserves to feel beautiful, and we’re here to give you some easy tips to get on your way. So get ready to discover a new you.

  1. Say goodbye to that two-and-a-half-year-old lip gloss. You know, the one that smells a little less like raspberry passion fruit, and a little more like, ahem, mold? That’s because … it is mold! Time to send it to the trash! Any makeup product that’s been in your kit for more than 8 months to a year doesn’t deserve to stick around. Go and spring for some new ‘gloss; you owe it to yourself.
  2. Beware of a tempting $2.99 price tag. Although you might be saving money at the cash register, you’re actually costing yourself more damage than you might realize. A lot of big makeup companies can afford to make that bronzer a scary-good deal because they make their products overseas. The problem is that these products might be made by unregulated workers in potentially unsanitary conditions. You wouldn’t want that anywhere near your skin, would you?
  3. Read the ingredients. Did you know that many popular makeup products are made with a secret enemy that has been linked to breast cancer? The culprit: paraben. A chemical preservative that in many studies has been found in breast tumors. No one should be exposed to this clandestine killer.
  4. Ditch the long-lasting formulas. Any cosmetic product that lasts for years should raise a big red flag. Large makeup companies need to make products with sometimes-harmful chemicals such as preservatives because of the long process it requires for a product to reach the store shelf.
  5. If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your lips. The FDA has cosmetic ingredient regulations over all makeup sold in the USA. But, most labels say something such as “Do not eat.” Think about it. When you apply lipstick, you inevitably end up licking your lips, right? Disturbingly enough, the FDA doesn’t take that into consideration as part of its set of rules.
  6. Cut out the gluten. Gluten? Maybe you’ve heard of it. Chances are that you haven’t heard of it in a positive light. That’s because many people are allergic to it. And even if you’re not, you should avoid it in your makeup. In short, it’s a component that can break down the villi in your stomach lining that allows your body to take in nutrients. Gluten intolerance is increasing, and it’s clear that it’s something to avoid in your beauty regimen where possible.
  7. Think small. A large company with a large factory in a far-away country leaves a lot of big details up to the imagination. So, why haven’t makeup companies figured it out yet? Why not think small, and turn this all around? That’s exactly what Red Apple Lipstick has done.

All these tips were inspired by Harper’s research into safe, clean makeup production. That’s because his products are made in a small factory in the US, which doesn’t use any preservatives such as paraben or harmful gluten byproducts whatsoever. So, if you put it on your lips over and over again (and you probably will), you can feel good about treating yourself right. Red Apple Lipstick products are priced comparable to the top players in the makeup industry that you’d find at a department store counter, but are much better for you. Take the steps to a cleaner, healthier life, one lipstick shade at a time!

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