10 Basic Cosmetics Every Gluten Free Girl Needs


Basics are essential items that can be considered must haves at any given moment. The following is a complied list of the basic cosmetics every gluten free girl must have in her makeup collection! (oh and that cute little cosmetic bag was found at forever21 ;D)

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1. Primer

It’s amazing to me how many women out there have yet to discover the beauty and awesomeness of a primer. A primer, whether it be for your eyes, face or lips, prepares the surface (face, lips or eyes) for optimal results. Primers can smooth out surfaces, enhance colors and increase longevity. Our gluten free eyeshadow primer is the best way to eliminate mid-day eyeshadow creasing or disappearing acts.  It provides a solid color base for your eyeshadows to be applied on top of, which allows the shadow to stand out and corrects any discolorations or veins on your eyelids (heaven forbid we have veins or redness on our eyelids right?!).  It has a creamy powder consistency.  It’s not a liquid, or a cream and it isn’t a powder, it’s somewhere in between. Try this baby out under your eyes, on blemishes and on your lips as well!


2. HD Lipgloss

The HD glosses just might be one of our most understated products. These beauties give you the best of both worlds. High impact lip color that’s lighter weight than a lipstick but more pigmented than your typical lipgloss. The best part is you only need a tiny bit! I literally just apply a dab onto the center of my lips and blend the color out with my finger or a lip brush. This gives me a nice stain of color that lasts FOREVER! I also like to apply some Rallye Balm over it to add a little more moisture. I you’d like to get a better look at the colors I also have a video up on our youtube channel all about the them.


3. Exfoliate 

We exfoliate our elbows and knees but what about our lips! Before you use a primer or apply any lip product for that matter exfoliating is a must! Exfoliating removes the dirt, dead skin cells, and dry flakes that are preventing your lips from being soft and smooth. Our lip exfoliant is a no mess, no fuss product that allows Rallye Balm to work more efficiently, lipsticks to last longer and makes your lips look and feel better. 


4. City Starter Palette

When you are new to makeup or haven’t used makeup in a while it can be overwhelming to have so many choices. We designed our new City Starter palette just for those of you who are starting out with makeup or don’t know where to begin. It has every color you need to complete a simple or smokey eye. Blending one shimmer with three matte colors – you can enjoy the versatility of a neutral palette as you begin your collection. Includes shades perfect for eyeliner and filling in your eyebrows, this palette really is the perfect starter palette!


5. Rallye Balm

This list would not be complete if I didn’t mention the wonderful, magical and awesome Rallye Balm. This powerful lip balm is your key to to ending chapped lips! It’s uniquely designed using a high quality, 100% gluten free Vitamin E suspended in a special, cold pressed Castor Seed Oil. Healthy lip skin is the only way to beat chapped lips. It’s completely odorless and tasteless, has no toxins, preservatives, waxy coverups, drying or addictive ingredients. Your life will never be the same! Oh, and how could I forget it does many other things too! I use it for my cuticles and on the ends of my hair (I always like to challenge people to see what this balm can do for them).


6. The Lash Project Mascara

Our brand new mascara is about to be released and will definitely be a MUST have in every gluten free girl’s makeup bag. The Lash Project is high performance 2-in-1 conditioning mascara that provides healthier, stronger and more youthful lashes! It offers so many amazing things for your lashes. One thing I’m most excited about is the fact that it stops your lashes from falling out pre-maturely. I have a thyroid issue so my lashes, eyebrow hairs and hair falls out super easily which means this is definitely a promising product for those of us with dry and brittle lashes. Read more about all the other amazing benefits this mascara provides by clicking here. 


7. Makeup Brushes 

Having good quality brushes are essential to applying makeup. No body wants to bother with plucking loose hairs off their face from their brushes. We offer a Pro Brush Set that comes with a lip brush to help you define your lips and apply lipstick with precision, a wet/dry eyeshadow brush for applying eyeshadow all over the lid and an angled eyeliner brush that can be used to detail your eyeliner with just a simple line or a cat eye – and can be used to define and fill in your eyebrows! The brushes are of course vegan which is not only good for our furry friends…but they allow you to get the brush wet without worrying about the bristles swelling and falling out. This means you can own this brush set for years to come!


8. Multi-Tasking Eyeshadows 

I’ve personally never understood the need to have both eyeshadows and an eyebrow powder when you could just find and eyeshadow that works for both! Our eyeshadows in Brownie Points, Espresso, Black Magic, Yes You Canyon, and Like U Latte make great eyebrow defining powders. Brownie Points is good for dark blondes to light brunettes, Espresso- dark brunettes, Black Magic-black, Yes You Canyon-strawberry blondes and red heads and Like U Latte I think would work well for blondes. You can also use our darker shadows with a slightly damp liner brush and use them as eyeliner!


9. Bold Lipstick

When you have a bad hair day and nothing in the world seems to be going right try applying a bright pop of lipstick to help uplift your mood. For me, this would be red! It’s a classic and sophisticated color that’s oh so feminine and just fun! It’ll feel impossible to be in a bad mood while wearing your favorite bold color. My pick for a red lipstick would be Rebel! I also suggest trying Sweet Coraline, Petal Rebel, Cranberry Magic, Firefly, Mix & Mingle, Red 101!, Reddy or Not, Sunkissed, Push Pop, Coral Crush, or Petal Pusher


10. Eye Brightening Eyeshadows

Moms, night owls and allergenistas a like know that sometimes dark circles and tired looking eyes are unavoidable. To combat this you’ll want to brighten up your eyes by applying an eyeshadow that brightens and highlights your eyes. I suggest trying our shadows in Buttercream, Porcelain, Pixie Dust, Golden Girl or Innocence. Just apply one of those on the inner corner of your eyes, center of your eyelids and on your brow bones and your eyes will be brighter and more alert looking.

 That concludes our list of  the 10 basic cosmetics every gluten free girl needs in her cosmetic bag. What do you consider to be basics in your makeup collection?




  1. Mary Lee Rossmessler says

    Wow – I don’t have all of that but close. Anxious for the mascara to come out!

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