The Ultimate Guide To Highlighting With Eyeshadows

guide to highlighting

There's this magical little trick in the makeup world known as highlighting. Why is highlighting so magical? This optical illusion has the ability to draw attention to eyes making them brighter, appear bigger, lighter, more awake, lifted and gives you an overall more youthful look using the following principles:  To pull something forward, make it lighter  To push something back, make it … { Click To Continue }

All About Brown Eyeshadows!


Hey ladies, it’s Ashley again! Let’s face it: Brown eyeshadows are a girl’s best friend! No other eyeshadows can complement all skin tones, eye colors and ages all while providing you with great versatility in creating looks that are classic, timeless and range anywhere from natural to sultry.  Oh, and I can't forget to mention that they are fabulous multi-taskers too! When theres's so many browns … { Click To Continue }

A Quick Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Snow Day Sherri

Hi guys! It's Sherri. Today we're featuring a Snow Day look with two of my favorite eyeshadows, Espresso & Golden Ticket. I know we're all ready for Spring, but it snowed where I'm at currently! This look however, is quick and easy for any day, any season :) All I have done here is lined my eyes with Espresso and smudged it out a bit to create an airbrushed feel. To keep the look simple … { Click To Continue }

Red Apple Lipstick + Vegan Cuts Beauty Box: Overview


Happy Monday to all the gluten free beauties out there! In a previous post I had mentioned that we teamed up with Vegan Cuts for their February beauty box and's here! Vegan Cuts was generous enough to send a copy of the box to me to  check out and share the details with you all. So here it goes. The first thing I noticed when I opened the box up was how heavenly it smelled! Like … { Click To Continue }

How To Have The Best Valentine’s Day Ever!


Happy Valentine's Day beauties! This past week (maybe even weeks) has probably been busy for you. Running errands, juggling kids, work, keeping house etc. so I’m sure you're looking forward to nice, long weekend! Even if you don't have plans to go out or get dolled up I think you definitely shouldn't skip Valentine's Day all together. Even if you're single this day can be fun, relaxing, enjoyable; … { Click To Continue }

Favorites Of The Week


Happy February folks! Being that it's the month of love I thought I'd share with you some of the awesome things I've been loving this week. I hope you take the time this month to celebrate love and friendship. Reach out to anyone and everyone that you love give them a hug and tell them how much they mean to you! Now onto the favorites! Wonderful Words: Life and Love are Beautiful! Couldn't … { Click To Continue }

Red Apple Lipstick + Vegan Cuts Beauty Box


Hey gorgeous gals! Some amazing news just rolled out that I'm incredibly excited to share with you! Are you ready for it? Red Apple Lipstick is being featured in the February Vegan Cuts Beauty Box!! Yay! I've been interested in subscribing to the monthly beauty box for awhile and I'm even more eager to do so now . We're happy to have partnered with Vegan Cuts as they are totally aligned with our … { Click To Continue }

Contests End Tomorrow & Sale Starts Friday!


If you follow us on social've noticed we're having some contests!  They end tomorrow...  If you haven't already entered, here's some links to join the fun. Share your love story with us, and one lucky winner will get a $50 gift card! On our Blog: click here Facebook: click here If you like Twitter or Instagram, send us a photo of your makeup look for a chance to win. Use … { Click To Continue }

Date Makeup, Valentine’s Day Sale And Giveaway!


Valentine's day is coming up so we wanted to share the LOVE with you! Starting today (January 14th) till January 22nd you can register for our site wide sale that's happening from January 23rd till January 30th by clicking here. When you register you'll get a coupon code to use during the sale. This means you can get all your favorite Red Apple Lipstick goodies at a discounted price! yay!! There … { Click To Continue }

2015: The Year Of Foundation

year of foundation

WE'RE BACK, AND WE LOVE YOU! Thank you so much for allowing us some time off.  It really allowed all of us to spend some quality time with our families. This year, we have decided to place effort on two new products, Blush and Foundation. We'll keep you updated as developments unfold. Here’s what we CAN tell you about the project - your purchases fund it.  You should feel like a … { Click To Continue }